Dog With A Windy Face


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Ross and Barny's Community Service and The Source 96.1FM are proud to present the new season of radio comedy sketch shows from Dog With A Windy Face.


Dog With a Windy Face has been described by critics as "a radio show", "a 28 minute radio programme" and "its complete bobbins".


D. W. A. W. F. is written by Ross Kessell, Nick Owen, Nicky Pasterfield and Barny Savage.


The show is produced by champion of entertainment, Simon Neild at Studio 35 in Falmouth. Mr. Neild has really enjoyed making the new 6 part series, saying; "The show's great, and the success hasn't gone to their heads... well except Nick and "that" incident on Celebrity Badger Watch!". 


Dog with a Windy Face is copyright Community Service Productions - 2012 - All rights reserved


















DWAWF - Team Profiles



Ross Kessell’s induction to the world of “entertainment” came in the June of 2004, when he began working with the French Status Quo tribute band, Status Quoi?, but by the August of that same year Ross had begun to tire of this and got a job as Pat Sharp’s vocal coach. It was during his 3 years with Pat that Ross became interested in impressions, often performing at Pat’s “private” parties doing crowd favourites like Fred Dibnah, Richard Madeley, Oliver Cromwell and Claire Sweeney, but it was his impression of a dog sniffing under a door that drew him to the fore and so in 2008 he set out on his now infamous “Dog Sniffing Under A Door Tour”. Reviews of the tour varied, well I say “varied” but really they were all negative, apart from this one...


“Kessell’s tour is unlike anything I’ve seen before, however the buffet was worth the ticket price”
Percy Rowe (Buffet Weekly)


When the tour came to an end Ross got a job in a sandwich shop and almost faded into complete obscurity, until one day when Ross was shopping in Past Times, he was spotted by friend of Pat Sharpe’s, Jenny Powell, who remembered his impromptu performances. She soon convinced him to start to look for a new project and so he found Dog With A Windy Face (a chance not to be sniffed at!) and it was with them that he truly found a home for his “talents”, as they gained momentum and critical acclaim from the beginning!


“Kessell’s contribution to DWAWF lies in his “dog sniffing under a door” impression, simply magically from start to finish!”
Johnny & Samantha (Bobbins Magazine)



Nikolai Visigoth Owen was raised in the forests of the Falmouth area of Cornwall by squirrels, where he learned to climb trees & hibernate, skills he has to this day. He was exiled from the tribe after becoming friends with a bad crowd of neighbourhood cats, & decided to try his hand at life on the sea, somewhere he hoped his lack of a tail would not be held against him. He joined a crew of local pirates, & became a mild nuisance to the Isles of Scilly & its fleet of pleasure boats. His pirating career came to an keel-juddering halt, when his galleon-mates traded him to some passing Vikings for an old air-hockey table. Luckily, much of his pirating experience was transferable, such as swordplay, raiding coastal settlements & proficiency at Hungry Hungry Hippos.

In his moments of leisure, Nick enjoys the sea, sleeping & reading, although not all at the same time. One of his greatest pleasures is listening to music quite loud, especially when it isn’t Barbara Streisand. He now lives in a treehouse by the Helford river, with two cats, a hamster & a small griffon. He passes his time by sacrificing to Thor, way-laying passers-by, going to the chip shop & managing AC Milan.

His awards so far include: “Best Wardrobe In A Foreign Language Film”, The Toni Basil Award for Cowardice Under Fire, & silver in the Seoul Olympics from the Mixed Tiger Decathlon. He hopes to be the first person to wear an eye patch on the Moon, & that hoverboards will be perfected soon.



Her career began in 1995 with a fleeting but significant appearance in a video clip on ‘You’ve been framed’. She was immediately admitted to the Italia Conti drama school, London where she graduated in 2005. Disillusioned by commercial theatre she went to Australia for 5 years to find herself during which time she realised she had a burning desire to portray others through her voice.

In a recent interview she explained, ‘I invest my energies in dialogue between myself and those around me. I invite people into my eyes, ears and hands. We become one another and so I am one. They are one. One plus one is one. We are two but equal and of one origin. This is my philosophy. This is me. This is you. Thus we are united in the infinite oneness .’

Critic, A. Lung, from Hovercraft Monthly wrote, ‘Although the Guardian described her act as pretentious and highly obscure, I can safely say it was the most stunning piece of theatre I’ve ever seen in my life.  I mean, the use of lasers, sand and her own blood was totally original but combined with Moira Stuart’s voice? ...Visionary!'



If this name sounds unbelievable to you, then good, because it is a spectacular lie. Do not believe anything this man says. He’s crazy.
And not in that middle class, suburban, attention seeking kind of ‘crazy’ way either. You know, that guy some girls love because his hair is strategically messy and he does recreational drugs on the weekend, and he just don’t care man, ’cos he’s like… Craaaazeee! Or you know, they love him because he’s a struggling writer… but stands to inherit a fortune off his mum and dad so its ok? The kind of guy that says ‘post-modern’ from time to time.  Probably smokes too.

No, Barny Savage is the sad kind of crazy. Just the other day, I saw him genetically engineer a giant pigeon and then leave it looking baffled sitting on an upturned wheelbarrow in an old lady’s back garden. I had to go and feed it three battered pizzas and a Mars Bar just to make it stop feeling upset about its weight.

I have also seen him on at least two occasions walking down the motorway with a carrier bag.

He leaves me feeling concerned because I think he might be a poor person as well. But then, poor people are dirty, which makes me aroused.  In summary, Barny Savage leaves me confused and aroused. You have been warned.

Margaret Thatcher, staff reporter,

'The Daily I’m alright Jack pull the ladder up'