Dog With A Windy Face



After a successful first series...

DWAWF is back!


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Ross and Barny's Community Service and The Source 96.1FM are proud to present the new season of radio comedy sketch shows from Dog WithA Windy Face.


Dog With a Windy Face has been described by critics as "a radio show", "a 28 minute radio programme" and "its complete bobbins".


D. W. A. W. F. is written by Ross Kessell, Nick Owen, Nicky Pasterfield and Barny Savage.


The show is produced by champion of entertainment, Simon Neild at Studio 35 in Falmouth. Mr. Neild has really enjoyed making the new 6 part series, saying; "The show's great, and the success hasn't gone to their heads... well except Nick and "that" incident on Celebrity Badger Watch!". 


Dog with a Windy Face is copyright Community Service Productions - 2012 - All rights reserved






















"Season Two OUT NOW!"